Pastor Mohammed SANOGO

Pastor Mohammed SANOGO

President of Messages de Vie Ministry

Welcome to the MESSAGES DE VIE website

May the grace, peace and strength of our GOD be with you. May the LORD GOD provide you with a special instruction each time you visit this site.

In 1996, following an open-air evangelization in Marcory (a neighborhood in the district of Abidjan in Côte d’Ivoire), some women from very noble backgrounds were converted.

I had no idea that the small cell in this humble house, which was born of that evangelization, would lead us on such a wonderful journey.

In 1998, the Messages de Vie Ministry was born. Through this missionary work, we are now traveling to towns and villages to announce the kingdom of GOD.

We know that this is not enough because there are so many people who need salvation. The Messages de Vie Ministry works through different actions such as Tour 931, Impact Nations etc…

As I said earlier, there are still huge territories to conquer for our God. You too can join us in this great mission because the harvest is great but there are few workers.
At Messages de Vie, our only goal is to bring the hearts of the nations back to Christ our Savior through the preaching of the Gospel and compassion acts.

Please join us, or make a donation, and by doing so you will have chosen the right part.