Messages de Vie Ministry


An inter-church ministry working to spread the gospel throughout the nations so that the hearts of men will come back to Christ.

About us

As any of you, we are men, women and youth working to bring hearts back to Christ our Lord through evangelism and compassion acts. Founded in 1998 in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire (West Africa), the Christian organisation Messages de Vie is presided over by his founder Pastor Mohammed SANOGO. Since its creation, the Messages de Vie Ministry has been touring nations, cities and villages to proclaim the Kingdom of GOD
The vision of Messages DE VIE is to impact our world through the preaching of the message of Christ so that the reign of God may be manifested in the lives of men, women and children. MESSAGES DE VIE is therefore organised into four ministerial departments and ten technical departments in order to accomplish this vision.

Our technical and operational departments

They are responsible for all the practical aspects which are necessary for the success of the campaigns: catering, communication, the legal department, partner management, logistics, counselling, evangelisation programmes for children, fellowship, planning and organisation of campaigns.

Our ministerial departments


The Missionary Action is responsible for promoting the desire for mission within Messages de Vie, Côte d’Ivoire and the whole world. Its missions consist, among others, in receiving, analysing and validating requests for the opening of churches or programmes in the Ivorian regions, writing and updating a document of missionary statistics, working in partnership with all NGOs and any international organisation (United Nations for example) that can provide reliable statistics on the targeted nation, drawing up a document for each region and a national document – organising socio-evangelisations for people in difficulty or vulnerable people (delinquents, prostitutes, street children and prisoners)


The Revival Tent is in charge of the spiritual revival within Messages de Vie, churches in the major cities of Côte d’Ivoire and around the world. Its missions consist, among others, in: – receiving, analysing and validating the requests made by local pastors to open churches or cells in the cities, – organising seminars or teaching programmes in order to revive Christians and churches, – planning the opening of MESSAGES DE VIE cells.


The Prophetic Action is in charge of the promotion of the prophetic ministry within Messages de Vie, churches in the major cities of Côte d’Ivoire and worldwide. It has therefore the following mission:

  • the spiritual protection of the missionary programs of Messages of Life, the training of Christians in the cities visited during the missionary programs,
  • the development and the updating of a map of the spiritual needs of the different regions,
  • developing teaching programmes or prayer meetings in order to promote the prophetic ministry,
  • the establishment of a prophetic newspaper,
  • the promotion of the prophetic worship ministry.


The Ministry Schools department is in charge of conveying through training the values and principles of the Kingdom of Heaven. The school also works on the missionary equipment for anyone who wants to work in the Lord’s harvest and trains workers, volunteers and youth for the mission. In order to achieve this, it is responsible for:

  • analyzing the training needs of missionaries and recommending appropriate training.
  • to work towards the creation of high-quality faith-based schools, colleges and universities with a real impact on society,
  • working on the opening of MESSAGES DE VIE training schools.