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Become a Missionnary

You have always been with us to face great challenges and to win great victories in the name of our God. You can join us for the salvation of souls by joining the Missionary Team, by supporting in prayer but also by your donations.

3 good reasons to join Messages de Vie

1. Salvation of nations

Christ has commanded us to make disciples of all nations. That is why we go to villages, towns and nations to spread the message of the love of Christ.

2. Working for the true God

It is a privilege to be workers of Christ for the salvation of people. We appreciate the grace of working on behalf of the true God.

3. Living an exceptional life

As we testify about Christ and see thousands of lives saved and transformed by the love of Christ, we experience a supernatural life in all respects.

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Step 1: Online registration

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Step 2: Validation interview

After registration, you will be contacted for an interview to confirm or decline your admission as a missionary.

Step 3: Taking part in activities

You will receive notification that you have been validated, and you should then participate in all activities and commit yourself to serving faithfully in the Ministry.

Who is a Message de Vie missionary?

When the word missionary is used, many people remember the actions of the first missionaries in Africa, Asia or Latin America within the last five centuries. These missionaries mostly accompanied explorers and settlers whose methods were controversial and whose motives were mercantile. As a result, our christians missionaries of today have inherited this bad reputation even though they often risked their lives to leave their country to go in contact with the most remote populations. Today, we rely on their tenacity and commitment, and it is thanks to them that missions have been carried out, one after the other. We can never thank them enough.
By “definition”, a Christian, by virtue of his baptism, is called to be a missionary, to be a preacher of Christ, at least by the testimony of his own life which is based on the values of the Gospel, and there is nothing to prevent him from extending his vocation to other nations, to explore other horizons by bringing his help where the needs are great.

Following the example of the disciples, and later of the apostles, each of us is a living stone, while being aware that we cannot carry out our mission without the help of others, without the support of a Christian community or an organisation. It must be the desire of every Christian, in line with the call of Jesus, to see the Church become more alive, driven by the same vision: to make disciples of all nations.
A missionary is not the owner of his mission; he receives all the abilities and resources from Christ. On the other hand, it is Christ who entrusts it, and it is to Him that everything returns. Therefore, a missionary works for God, for others, and this allows him to be unattached, not to feel responsible beyond his strength. He draws his resources directly from God, by means of a permanent connection that prayer gives him.

But we must remember that we are in a spiritual work, which requires some approval and covering. At Messages de Vie becoming a missionary requires spiritual preparation for the strengthening of your soul.

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