growing in Faith

3 things that will help you grow spiritually

Just as a newborn baby needs food to grow healthy through childhood, puberty, adolescence and eventually adulthood, our spirit needs to be fed and cared for to grow healthy and strong.


Each aspect of our body’s development requires specific nutrients. Healthy physical growth requires healthy eating, exercise, sleep and rest. Intellectual growth requires study, critical thinking, reasoning and continuous learning. Emotional growth requires healthy relationships, meaningful speech, acceptance and love.

Like the other aspects, spiritual growth requires a relationship with God that begins in repentance, continuous communion with God through prayer, Bible reading and fellowship. Here are also three things that will ensure your spiritual growth.

  • Give yourself enough rest

Give your body the opportunity to rest. God created the world, then rested. He then taught people to honour the Sabbath.

It allows for physical, emotional, intellectual and also spiritual recovery.

  • Fill your thoughts with the Word of God

Contrary to practices that advise us to “clear” our minds of negative thoughts, the Word of God teaches us to fill them with God himself.

The Bible encourages us not to worry, to meditate on the Word, to focus our minds on it and to focus our thoughts on what is noble, right, pure and beautiful.

  • Obey the Word of God

This is probably the most important thing on the list. Now that you have rested and uncluttered your mind, you can read the Word and put it into practice.